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OK now for those who didnt see HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well it been a while since I post here and a random post here it is

I start to read Twilight the book since I saw the movie, The werid thing is I picture Ruki as Bella and Reita as Edward...... werid but awesome! I hope later in the book there will be smut! but might not happen but I can dream! Well that it. I will random post here again later

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I drew this picture a couple of days ago and I want to show all my friends

Force Love or Love Love

 Title : Force love or love love
Author : ruki_hottie
Chapter: 4/?
Chapter Rating : PG-13
Warnings : demanding?
Disclaimer : Don't own them and never will but I own this fic.
Notes: Anyway This chapter os snot funny but I bet you will enjoy this chapter and this chapter is shorter than the first two chapter but it seem the right time to stop. Also this story is not beta so please excuse my grammer. Enjoy! Comments are love

 Title : Force love or love love
Author : ruki_hottie
Chapter: 2/?
Chapter Rating : PG-13
Warnings :Slave
Disclaimer : Don't own them
Notes : not much to say but comments are love

Made a mistake on the first post

Title :
I want seme 
Author : ruki_hottie
Chapter Rating : NC-17
Pairing: rukixreita
Warnings : smut
Disclaimer : Don't own Ruki or Reita but i own this fic!
Notes : My first fic, my first smut, my first smut fic. And comments are love!

Ruki's panting in Reita's face as the bassist thrusts into him
“Ahhh! Rei!”
“Ru~ unh! God, I love you.”
“I.... ahh ... love you too.”
Ruki pulls Reita into a sloppy kiss, arching his back as he came, shouting his lover's birth name.
Reita looks to Ruki's face as he comes, and that was enough for him to send him over the edge after one hard thrust.
Reita fell on top of Ruki trying to remember how to breath. After a while when they both calmed down Ruki said:
“Get off of me you're heavy.”
Reita pulled out Ruki, both men moaning at the lost. Reita laid next to Ruki, and Ruki turned to his side, and cuddled into Reita's chest. The bassist grabbed the sheet, and wrapped it around Ruki and himself. Then wrapped his arms around Ruki's small waist and closed his eyes slowly falling asleep until,
“Can I be seme next time?”
Reita's eyes went wide open.
“Huh? Why?”
Ruki stood up on his elbow and looked into Reita's eyes.
“Cause we've been dating for five months now, and I've never been top. and I want to feel you.”
“But Ruki you can feel me.”
“Not in that way baka!”
Ruki slapped Reita's arm.
“So .....can I?”
“But I like being on top.”
“Maybe it's time for a change.”
"I.....I don’t know, Ru, I like what we doing now.”
“But Rei I’m not a girl!”
“I didn’t say you were!”
“But you're acting like I am. A girl! With a cock, a BIG cock!”
Ruki used his free hand to point down there to make a point.
Reita couldn’t help but smile widely at that.
“I mean come on I want to feel what you feel. The tightness, the heat...... around my cock!”
Ruki almost screamed the last sentence.
Reita blushed at that. He never thought of having Ruki inside him but he really liked being seme.
“I don’t think so Ru.”
Ruki gave out the best pout he could, but Reita wasn’t falling for it so he couldn’t do anything but give up. He lay back down facing away from the bassist. Reita watched Ruki turn his back on him then he replayed the whole thing in his head, but all he remembered was cock, tightness , and heat. Reita cuddled into Ruki's back, wrapping his arm around Ruki's waist, rubbing his belly as he said"
“Ruki I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you upset. I just......... can we just forget this talk we had?”
Ruki was about to say no but he saw something pink and fluffy and he smirked a little. Ruki sounded a little upset and said
“I guess.”
“Good, so..... do you feel like going another round.”
Reita poked his hard cock against Ruki's butt. Ruki couldn’t help but laugh a little.
Reita smiled into Ruki's neck placing a soft kiss on the soft skin, and pushing him onto his back as he kissed him.


Its been a week since that night, and Ruki was still waiting for the right moment to use his evil plan, and that time finally came. They've been busy all day, you know photo shoot, interview, and band practice. It took all day till finally they made it to their apartment.
“Man Ru~! I’m tired.”
Reita said walking to the refrigerator, and opening it to grab a water bottle. He closed it then leaned on the refrigerator, opening the bottle and taking a sip. Ruki stood by the counter smiling and staring at his hot, strong, and fuckable boyfriend.
“Nothing Rei. I'll tell you what, why don’t you take a little nap, and I'll wake you up for a late dinner. Hmm?”
Ruki walked up to Reita, and placed his hands on Reita's hip, giving him a peck on his lips. Reita wrapped his arms around Ruki's neck, and slowly leaned in for a slow kiss. It lasted for a couple of seconds till Ruki pulled away.
"Get some sleep. Your kiss is little off."
"Ha, is that so?"
"Yeah, get some rest and we'll try later kay?"
"Sounds good. I’ll be in the bedroom."
Placing one last kiss on Ruki's lips, he let go and walked towards the bedroom.
Its been 15 minutes, and Ruki decided that Reita was already asleep. He walked into the bedroom seeing Reita on the bed sleeping peacefully looking like an angel. Reita was on his back, his face turned to the side, his left hand on his belly and the other hand next to his face. Ruki leaned on the side of the door loving the view in front of him, and thinking how lucky he is. He walked to the bed taking a seat on the side as he got a closer look to see if Reita forgot to take off his noseband. He smirked, and he got up and went to the other side of the room and picked up the pink fluffy thing and smirked again thinking that his plan was going to work.
Reita felt the cold all around his body, and he tried to grab a blanket to cover himself but he couldn’t. He opened his eyes but all he could see is darkness. He heard a click and something closed. He froze as he felt someone crawling on the bed, getting in between his legs feeling hot breath at his navel. A light kiss was placed on it and whoever it was continued to leave a trail of kisses up his bare chest then on his neck then his jaw line. Reita lifted his face, he didn’t want the strange person to kiss him on the lips.
“Rei, don’t you want to kiss me?”
“Well who else could it be?”
“I don’t know. I thought maybe people found out where we live, and maybe some crazy fan girl kidnapped me, and tied me up and wanted to make me her slave and-”
“Rei, you're thinking to much. Plus we have bodyguards down stairs for our safety.”
“Oh. Say..... why it so dark in here, and why do I feel hard, fluffy tihngs around my wrists, and I’m guessing I’m naked too.”
“Wow, you slow on the uptake.”
“Shut up.”
“Heh, now that you know that I’m not some crazy fangirl can we continue?”
“First turn on the lamp, it's too dark.”
“Rei, you're blindfolded.”
“Well unblindfold me so I can see you ride me.”
“Not just yet. I want to enjoy this. Seeing you all uke at the very moment.”
Reita never finished his sentence cause Ruki attacked his lips with his own. It was slow at first but then it got heated . Ruki took control of the kiss exploring his lover's mouth memorizing everything. For five months he never took control of any of their kisses. He ran his tongue through the rows of teeth then attacked his lover's tongue, massaging it with his own. Reita was surprised at first but soon enjoyed it. This kiss was different, with Ruki in charge, he never let him in take control, but he had to admit he liked it, he really liked it. Maybe he should let Ruki be in charge more often. Curse the one thing they really needed, air. Reita pulled away, turning his face to the side. Ruki lifted his hand and turned Reita's face and placed one long single kiss on Reita's lips. Then he pulled away placing his forehead on the other's, both gasping for air. Then Reita said:
“That was hot.”
"Yeah, that was hot but I’m not done.”
Ruki gave Reita a peck on his lips then moved down to his jawline to behind the ear, biting, and sucking on the piercing that was there. Reita couldn’t help but gasp and moan at the pain and the pleasure. Ruki moved down to his neck leaving red love marks around his neck then continued down to his collarbone, where he bit, and sucked, and gave it a nice lick  for it to heal. He kept moving lower till he reached a nipple. Biting the hard nipple and using his hand to pinch the other between his finger and his thumb. Reita gasped in pain then moaned as Ruki sucked and licked it. Ruki went to the other one and gave it the same treatment. Ruki made it to the center of Reita's chest, and went lower until he reached the other's navel. Dipping his tongue into it and kissing it lightly, and continuing his way down. Ruki stopped right at his hip and stood up. Reita whined in protest. Ruki took a look at his lover, it was the hottest thing he ever saw. Seeing Reita blushing in heat, tied up by pink fluffy handcuffs, blindfolded, a trail of red marks down to his navel, his cock leaking with pre-cum, and his legs were wide apart. Ruki couldn’t help but moan at the sight.
“God, you're so beautiful.”
Reita blushed madly at that. Ruki reached for something at the side of the bed. Reita heard a click and a snap.
“Ruki, what was that?”
“But I heard somethi-Ahh!”
Ruki kissed the tip of Reita's cock, and licked the side of it, tracing the vein that was there. He made his way down and back up again and took him in his mouth. Reita bucked his hips up moaning at the warmth he felt. Ruki nearly choked at the sudden action but he grabbed Reita's hip, and pushed him back down, continuing to suck his length, bobbing his head up and down. Reita's moaning was out of control, he tugged on the handcuffs so hard that he was close, and Ruki knew it. So he stopped, and let go of Reita's length.
“No! I was close.” Reita whined.
“I know baby but I haven’t gotten to the good part.”
“As least take off the blindfold.”
Ruki couldn’t help but obey. He took off the blindfold and threw it across the room. Reita opened his eyes slowly until they were half open, and he stared into Ruki's eyes. Ruki whispered,
“Ready to keep going?’
“Hell yes.”
Ruki smiled, and leaned in for a kiss. While kissing Reita he grabbed the lube from the side of the bed and coated his three fingers, and tried to spread Reita's legs more without him noticing and he placed one finger at his entrance. Reita gasped into the kiss as he felt something wet at his entrance.
 “Ruki! What the hell?!”
Ruki caught Reita's lips again as he pushed one finger in. Reita pulled away from the kiss turning his head to the side.
“ God Ruki! Take that damn finger out!”
“Cause it feels weird!”
“Not good enough reason.”

"Ru- ow!"
Ruki pushed in the second finger. Reita hissed a little, and squirmed at the foreign feeling of something inside him.
"Shh. Relax, and enjoy it."
Reita whined a little. Ruki scissored his fingers around and added a third finger in, which absolutely stung to the basssist. Reita scrunched his face in discomfort, and moaned in protest. Ruki kissed him lightly. Ruki crooked his fingers trying to find the little bundle of nerves that would make this all worth it, but he couldn’t his fingers were to short. He needed to go deeper. He made sure Reita wass stretched enough then pulled his fingers out. Ruki stood up, and grabbed the lube, and coated his cock. Ruki look down at his cock wondering if he would fit, so he slapped on some extra lube. He lowered himself placing the tip at Reita's entrance. Reita eyes went wide so he yelled:
“Can you take off the handcuffs?”
“I want to hold you, I mean this is my first time a-and I just want to hold you as you make love to me. Please?”
“Alright, love.”
Ruki reached for the key and unlocked the cuffs. He threw the key across the room, and then took Reita's wrists into his hands inspecting the red marks all around, and the small amount of blood. He kissed both of them and guided them around his neck. Reita smiled and placed his hands on Ruki's shoulders then he flipped them over to the right. Ruki shouted"
“What the hell?!”
“You're NOT going to fuck me!”
Ruki flipped them both to the left and he got on top.
"Yes I am!"
Reita flipped them both to the right again till he was on top.
“No you're not!”
Ruki flipped them both again to the left and he was once again on top.
“Yes I am!”
Reita flipped them both to the right once more till he was on top.
“No you're not!”
Ruki groan in frustrated. He was not going to let this go so easily. He wrapped his arms around Reita pinning his arms to his side and flipped them over once again.
“Ruki! Let go!”
“Sorry babe but I really want to be seme.”
At that Ruki placed the tip of his cock at the bassist's entrance, and entered slowly, passing through the tight ring muscles, he took a deep breath to grasp control willing himself not to come then and there as he felt the pleasure of the tight heat. Reita used his lower arms to grab Ruki’s lower back, scratching it and leaving red marks behind, gasping and letting tears spring to his eyes from the burning pain as he felt something bigger than three fingers enter him.
Ruki stopped. He let go of Reita and stood up on his elbows taking a look at him. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt him.
“Rei? Open your eyes.”
Reita did what he was told, letting a few tears fall from his eyes as he opened them, staring into Ruki’s.
Ruki felt guilty.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t be doing something that causes you so much pain. I’m sorry. I’ll stop.”
Ruki was about to pull out until Reita stopped him.
“Don’t. You've made it this far don’t stop.”
“Rei I don’t want to cause you anymore pain.”
“Ru, you're already in.”
“Umm, I’m only half in.”
“Uuh.... yeah.”
“Damn why do you have to have a big cock?”
“Heh. Are you sure you want to keep going?”
“I love you too much to say no.”
Ruki smiled and leaned in for a kiss.
“I love you too.”
Ruki leaned in for another kiss, and kept kissing him. Reita moved his arms around Ruki’s neck and Ruki placed his hands on Reita's hips. When Ruki got Reita distracted, he pushed all the way in. Reita pulled away from the kiss.
“AWW FUCK, Ru! You really need to stop surprising me!”
Ruki didn’t say anything but stayed still for a minute waiting for Rei to get use to the feeling and to give him a signal.
“You can move now.”
Ruki nodded and he pulled out slowly and thrust in. He watched Rei make a face. Ruki tried again then again then finally hit that spot. Reita arched his back at that.
To Reita’s relief the pain slowly receded into a dull throb that he can easily deal with. Pleasure started to dance along his nerves, spiking sharply at every nudge of Ruki’s cock against his sweet spot. His hands gripped Ruki’s shoulders, nails digging into the slippery skin. Ruki buried his face into the crook of Reita’s neck, smiling against the damp skin when he heard Reita whisper beside his ear,
“Harder Ru… don’t hold back…”
Ruki obeyed as Reita lifted his hips as best as he could to meet Ruki’s harsh thrusts, enjoying the pretty sparks exploding behind his closed lids as every strike against his prostate sent a fresh wave of lust coursing through his veins, and heat twisting low in his belly. Reita was so close, so Ruki reached for Reita's hard cock, and started stroking it at the same speed. That drew Rei over the edge that he almost came.
“Come for me baby.”
One hard thrust and one more stroke Reita came screaming.
Ruki felt the tight muscles clenching around his cock and with one last thrust he came yelling.
Ruki fell on top of Reita. Both trying to catch their breath. Ruki detached himself with a groan and lay beside Reita. Then the bassist cuddled into Ruki's chest and Ru wrapped his arms around Reita's waist.
“My ass is going to be so sore tomorrow.”
“Aren’t you glad we have a day off tomorrow.”
“Thank god. I don’t think I will able to move at all.”
“How come you never let me be seme before?”
“Uuh...... well it's because you....”
“I’m what, Rei?”
“You're big.”
“Huh? I’m big? Wait! You mean my cock?”
Reita blushed madly.

“Oh, you were afraid of my cock.”
“NO! It's  just big but since after tonight I don’t mind you being seme again.”
“Good, cause I want to do this again. Good night Rei.”
“Good night Ru.”
A Couple of days later in the practice room,
Ruki was sitting on a couch when Reita walked up to him.
“Ru, you've  been looking at your cell phone a lot lately. Let me see.”
“Why not?”
“Cause it's for me only.”
Reita walked up to Ruki and grabbed the phone from Ruki. Ruki tried to get it back so he jumped on Reita's back trying to cover Reita's eyes but Reita move his hand and stared at the screen and blushed madly. It was the picture of him in the past days when Ruki first fucked him. The other bandmates came walking in when Ruki grabbed the phone back.
“Hey Rei are you alright?”
“Uuh...yeah, I’m fine Kai.”
Reita looked at Ruki and saw him smirking and blow him a kiss.
                                                                 THE END



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